Training and Sensitization Workshops

The Centre is actively involved in organizing national and international level workshops to sensitize and involve the women faculty of other universities also in its attempt to empower women in higher education and to enhance their self-awareness.

Workshops/Conferences organized by WRRC (1999-2019)

  • Five day training workshop in collaboration with British Council at FJWU on “Active Citizens Program Facilitators Training” from  July 22-26, 2019.
  • Five day training workshop in collaboration with British Council at FJWU on “Active Citizens Program Facilitators Training” from January 28-February 1, 2019.
  • Three day workshop on Professional Development in two batches at FJWU from January 16-18 & January 23-25, 2019 respectively.


  • Three Day Workshop titled Professional Development for Young Academics. (August 15-17, 2018) in collaboration with ORIC at FJWU.
  • Five Day workshop titled Women in Leadership and Management: Opportunities and Challenges (January 22-26, 2018) in collaboration with Association of Commonwealth Universities & Punjab Higher Education Commission.


  • Five day workshop on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Social Sciences (December 5-9, 2016) in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation, Islamabad.
  • One day workshop on Research Methodology. (March 18, 2016)


  • Two day international conference on Thinking Back and Moving Forward: Reflection of Gender, Education and Leadership in Pakistan in collaboration with the Department of Gender Studies, University of Leicester, Higher Education Commission, British Academy and Action Aid (May 27-28, 2015).

The objective of the conference was to provide a platform to disseminate research findings that were collected and analyzed during the British Academy funded three year research project titled Research Capacity Building through International Partnership for Mapping Women Academics’ Careers in Pakistan. The Papers were presented by scholars’ affiliated with universities of east and west. International speakers were from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, School of Education, London, UK, University of Leicester, UK, Institute of Education, University of London, Loyola University Chicago, USA, and University of Texas Austin, USA. Scholars within the country were from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, University of Karachi, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Hazara University, Mansehra, Lahore College for Women’s University, Lahore; University of Education Lahore, Academy for Educational Planning and Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi and there were about more than 200 registered participants who attended this conference from different universities and organizations.

A total of 17 papers were presented under four different themes. Session titles, chairs and speakers were as follows:

  • Session 1: Women Education and Empowerment in Pakistan; chaired by Dr. Farzana Bari.
    • Dr. Saeeda Shah and Dr. Fatima Hassan were invited speakers in this session.
  • Session 2: Quality in Education: Teaching and Research in 21st Century; chaired by Prof. Dr. Maitree Wickremasinghe from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
    • Dr. David Pedder was the invited speaker.
  • Session 3: Gender mainstreaming in Education & Leadership chaired by Dr. Riffat Haque.
    • Dr. Elizabeth Jones Hemenway was the invited speaker from Loyola University Chicago, USA.
  • Session 4: Leadership Challenges for Women in Academia chaired by Dr. Haroona Jatoi.
    • Dr. Victoria Showunmi was the invited speaker from Institute of Education, University of London.


  • Workshop on Empowering Women:  Legislation under Human Rights (April 17, 2012) at Resource Centre Murree, in collaboration with Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department, Government of the Punjab.
  • Workshop on Balancing Personal & Professional Roles (May 22, 2012) at Resource Centre Murree,


  • Workshop on Women in Leadership and Management in Higher Education (January 23-30, 2011) in collaboration with the Registrar Office, National University of Science & Technology (NUST) & Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).


  • Three Day workshop on Curriculum Development Workshop on Gender Studies (2004) in collaboration with Glasgow University, UK


  • Conference on The State of Social Sciences & Humanities: Current Scenario and Emerging Trends (December 15-17, 2003) in collaboration with HEC, UNESCO and Council for Social Sciences at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.
  • Workshop on Women in Higher Education Management (April 4-5, 2003) at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.
  • Three-Day Workshop on Survey Research Methods (May 9-11, 2003) in collaboration with Gallup Pakistan.
  • Workshop on Women in Higher Education Management (November 19-20, 2003) at University of Baluchistan, Quetta.
  • National Workshop GMIS Indicators on Violence against Women (January 20, 2003) in collaboration with Ministry of Women Development.
  • Gender Sensitization Training Workshop (February 19-20, 2003) in collaboration with Ministry of Women Development.


  • Seminar & Training workshop on Peace and Conflict Resolution in South Asia with Gender Perspective (October 28-30, 2002).
  • International workshop on Women in Higher Education Management (November16-21, 2002).
  • Regional workshop on Training the Trainers: Women in Higher Education Management, (November 16-21, 2002) in collaboration with Association of Commonwealth Universities & British Council.


  • National workshop on Gender & Governance (March 19-20, 2001).


  • First national workshop on Women in Higher Education Management: Problems & Prospects (March12-13, 2000).
  • Two-Day workshop on Counseling and Gender Orientation (August 18-19, 2000) at Khanaspur, Ayubia.


Lectures/Seminars Organized by WRRC (1999-2018)

  • End Gender-Based Violence in the World of Work (November 26, 2018) on 16 Days of Activism Barrister Benazir Jatoi
  • Sexual Harassment & Violence against Women (November 26, 2018) on 16 Days of Activism Mr. Salman Ali (Senior Manager – Rozan Head of Humqadam) & Ms. Fozia Mohmand (Senior Program Officer & Lawyer)
  • Men, Masculinities & Gender Justice (November 13, 2018). Mr. Salman Ali, Senior Manager – Rozan Head of Humqadam.
  • Fasten Your Pink Ribbon (October 19, 2018) Dr. Saira Hassan (Consultant Oncologist, Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad).
  • Inter-Department Poster Painting Competition on Breast Cancer Awareness, (October 4, 2018).
  • Youth & Drug Abuse (September 24, 2018). Mrs. Cristina von Sperling Afridi Founder/Chairperson KKAWF - Drug Awareness & Prevention Helping Youth Understand & Manage Emotions
  • Kate Chopin: Yesterday and Today (April 26, 2018). Dr. Artemis Preeshl (Fulbright Specialist). 
  • Mainstreaming and Awareness of Transgender Rights (April 25, 2018)
  • Violence against women and girls and access to justice! (March 8, 2018). Ms. Benazir Jatoi


  • 16 days of Activism against Gender based Violence (November 29, 2017). Ms. Maliha Hussain
  • Women Empowerment and Violence against Women: Issues and Challenges (November 22, 2017). Ms. Huma Akhtar Chughtai (Director Programs, Federal Judicial Academy).
  • Bake Sale Event (October 30, 2017) in collaboration with HEC & Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Programme. 
  • Awareness Raising Session on Breast Cancer (October 26, 2017) in collaboration with Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad. The guest speaker of the session was Dr. Uzma Qasim, Consultant Oncologist at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.
  • British Council Citizenship Education and Community Engagement Program-Active Citizenship (General Education) Course Presentation (October 3, 2017). Ms. Jo Beall (Director, British Council Education and Society).
  • Rise and Shine with Gogi (September 20, 2017). Mrs. Nigar Nazar
  • English Cultural Imperialism and Confused Nations.  (April 10, 2017)   Dr. Asantha U. Attanayake Barborich, Senior Lecturer in Teaching English as a Second Language, English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Why did Hillary Clinton lose to Donald Trump? Mr. Adam Barborich. Mr. Adam Barborich, visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Management, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) and visiting lecturer in the Faculty of Technology, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. 


  • British Council Citizenship Education and Community Engagement Program- Active Citizen General Education Course. (December 1, 2016)  Waseem Malik (Project Manager, Active Citizens and Social Enterprise, British Council)
  • Women in Entrepreneurship: A Case of Pakistan (May 18, 2016). Prof. Dr. Bushra Hamid, Dean, Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, University of Peshawar was organized.
  • Facilitation in Academic Exchange and Scholarships in German Universities by DAAD (May 2, 2016). Mr. Lars Bergmeyer (Director, DAAD Information Centre Islamabad).
  • Punjab Protection of Women against Violence bill 2015 (April 11, 2016). Advocate Jamila Aslam.
  • Pledge for Parity” to celebrate International Women's Day (March 15, 2016) in collaboration with the Department of Gender Studies. Prof. Dr. I. N. Hassan (Former , Pro Vice Chancellor, Fatima Jinnah Women University), Ms. Maliha Hussain (Executive Director, Mehergarh: A Centre for Learning), Ms. Sadaf Raza (Director, Ideas for Life Trust) and Ms. Kishwar Naheed (Feminist Urdu poet).
  • Mobile phone romance in Gilgit-Baltistan: Doing research on women’s emotions. (March 9, 2016). Ms. Anna Maria Walter 


  • From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All! (December 7, 2015). Activities organized by WRRC included:
    • Mime.
    • Presentation by the students on Role of Youth in creating awareness on Equal Opportunity for women of Pakistan.
    • Orange day – To symbolize a brighter future without violence.
  • Lecture on Breast cancer by Dr. Huma, Medical Officer (November 23, 2016), was organized in collaboration with the medical office and Department of Gender Studies.
  • Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Program (September 2015). Activities included distribution of material related to awareness, lecture and seminar arrangements and fund raising. 
  • The Role of Women in Creating a Violence Free Society (April 21, 2015), in collaboration with Cultural Centre, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Rawalpindi.


  • Women Education: Policies and Programmes 1970-2010 November 7, 2014. Prof. Dr. Iftikhar-un-Nisa Hassan
  • Protection of Women at Workplace (November 7, 2014), in collaboration with LEAD, Pakistan.
  • Breast Cancer (October 2014) in collaboration with HEC & Pink Ribbon Campaign.
  • Women Empowerment (March 26, 2014). Mrs. Darriann Riber (Development Counselor of Embassy of Denmark).  
  • International Women’s Day (March 7, 2014). Justice ® Nasira Javid Iqbal.
  • TABEER Punjab’s vision to empower the women (March 5, 2014) in collaboration with Placement Office, Regional Transport Authority Rawalpindi.
  • The Politics of Representation: A Perspective from North America (January 13, 2014) in collaboration with the Behavioral Sciences Department. Dr. Pauline Turner Strong.
  • Activism, Ethics and Anthropology (January 8, 2014). Dr. Aneela Daulatzai.
  • Women’s Rights and Gender Justice (January 2, 2014) in collaboration with OXFAM International Pakistan.


  • Community work/civic engagement (April 25, 2013). Dr. Humaira Ahmad, Head, WRRC & Ms. Farzana Akhtar Assistant Registrar.
  • Let’s Get to Know Right to Play (April 8, 2013) in collaboration with an International Organization Right to Play. Ms. Shamila Keyani (Senior Program Coordinator, International Organization Right to Play) and Mr. Ali Khyaam (Communication Coordinator, International Organization Right to Play).
  • Ethics and Education (March 21, 2013). Mrs. Azra Wasim Sajjad.
  • One Billion Rising Campaign. (January 11, 2013). Mr. Babar Bashir (Managing Director, Rozan) and Prof.  Farkhanda Aurangzeb (Manager of the Legislative Watch Program, Aurat Foundation)


  • 16 Days of Activism against Gender based Violence (December 27, 2012). Ms. Amina Qadir Adham (Senior Gender Adviser for Women's Human Rights and Governance unit, UN).
  • Why to celebrate Working Women’s Day (December 21, 2012). Dr. I.N. Hassan
  • Women’s Contribution to a Culture of Peace” (January 25, 2012) in collaboration with Ministry of Human Rights and Minorities Affairs. Ms. Ingeborg Breines.
  • Women Speaking Out on Harassment (January 9, 2012) in collaboration with Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department, Government of the Punjab. Dr Fouzia Saeed.


  • 16 Days of Activism Violence against Women (December 9, 2011) in collaboration with Department of Human Rights and Minorities Affairs,  Government of Punjab & Embassy of United States.  Dr. Marilyn Wyatt and Mr. Arshad Bin Ahmad (Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights & Minorities Affairs).
  • Breast Cancer (October 13, 2011) in collaboration with Pink Ribbon Campaign Pakistan and Higher Education Commission.
  • Women in Politics (September 20, 2011) in collaboration with British Council.
  • Road to Success: Story of a Tennis Star (May 24, 2011). Ms. Aliya Rasheed (Director, National Anti-Corruption Strategies and former Super World Tennis Champion).
  • Promoting Induction of Women in Police (May 18, 2011) in collaboration with National Police Bureau of Pakistan (NPB) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).
  • International Women’s Day (March 7, 2011) in collaboration with British Alumni Association.
  • Entrepreneurship as Career Option (February 24, 2011) in collaboration with Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA).


  • Violence against Women (December 8, 2010). Ms. Mussarat Misbah (President of Depilex Smileagain Foundation).
  • 16 Days of Activism on Violence against Women: Psychological Effects of Violence against Woman (November 25 - December 10, 2010). Dr. Saher Hassan, Ms. Sarwat  Mohiuddin and Ms. Adeela Rehman.
  • Breast Cancer (October 11, 2010) in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. Dr. Kulsoom (Consultant Oncologist, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital)
  • Breast Cancer: Progress and Promise (October 13, 2010). Dr. JoAnne Zujewski (Senior Medical Oncologist, USA).
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8, 2010) in collaboration with British Alumni Association.


  • Breast Cancer (October 13, 2007) in collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of Women Empowerment Group and Vision 2015 International. Dr. Huma (Medical Officer, FJWU), Mr. Omer Aftab (National Coordinator of Pink Ribbon Campaign) and Dr Kokab (Head, Radio Therapy Department, NORI Hospital).


  • Training Course on Vocational and Technical Education and Training (December 19, 2003). Dr. I. N. Hassan (Director, WRRC).
  • Team Building (10-2-2003, 01-03-2003, 05-04-2003, 19-04-2003). Dr. I. N. Hassan (Director, WRRC) at Prince Salman College of Professional Education (Sultana Foundation).


Meetings organized by WRRC


  • Reference meeting for Late Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali (September 30, 2014)  Prof, Dr. I. N. Hassan, Prof. Dr. Saeeda Asadullah Khan & Prof. Dr. Mussarret Anwar Sheikh.


  • Meetings in collaboration with Soroptimist International of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. (September 13, 2010 & September 15, 2010). Dr. Aysha Shaheen Adam (High Commissioner of Maldives) & Mrs. Butar Latuconsina - The wife of Indonesian Ambassador in Islamabad.