Treasurer Office

Accounts Office of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi deals courteously and professionally with the students.

    The principal tasks of the Accounts Office are broadly defined under seven core treasury elements related to students' matters:

  • Verification of the submission of fee and the maintenance of the financial data and record.
  • Payment of all types of indoor and outdoor scholarships.
  • Refund cases of students related to hostels (rent and mess dues etc), withdrawal of admissions and securities after the completion of degrees.
  • Deals with the applications related to deposit of fee, late submission of fee with fine, fee for issuance of duplicate transcript, fine for thesis extension, convocation registration fee and degree charges.
  • Payment of cash prizes presented to the students on different events organized by the University throughout the year.
  • Collection of fine from the students for any disciplinary action against them.
  • Making payments in advance with laid down procedures of Government of Punjab as well as University rules and regulations.
  • In essence the Accounts Office is all about handling the financial matters of the University.