Early Child Care Center

Early Child Care Center (ECCC)
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
The Early Child Care Center (ECCC) at Fatima Jinnah Women University facilitates a supportive learning environment for children of faculty, staff, and students. ECCC provides an environment responsive to children’s needs by incorporating the holistic domain of learning into the children’s everyday experiences. The center caters two groups of children:

  1. The pre-schoolers: the group of children aged 3 years and older, who receive Montessori preparation for getting ready to join formal school.
  2. After schoolers: the group of children who join after school hours and get engaged in non-formal age-appropriate socio-developmental activities.

At FJWU, the productivity of mothers/parents is of high priority by providing a comfortable setting that not only nurture these young learners but also encourages them to learn through hands-on interactive exploration and inquiry. Play therapy is integral to the center’s activities that encompass child-centered and teacher-guided learning experiences that provide children an opportunity to construct their own knowledge driven from their curiosity to learn. ECCC is a welcoming, lively and colorful place with academic atmosphere for cognitive, social and emotional development of Children. ECCC has well trained caregivers and staff members (The detail is attached as Appendix A).
ECCC, FJWU is committed to create a nurturing learning environment where children participate in the events of the university with an aspiration to help them develop a sense of belonging and high self-esteem. At ECCC we offer a variety of small and large spaces for play and sports activities as well.  
Learning Activities of ECCC

  1. The ECCC staff comprises of a teacher, and two interns.  The caregivers have been selected keeping in mind their abilities and experience to work with little children. The staff receives proper orientation and training and work in close guidance of the incharge. The teachers are encouraged to bring innovative ideas in their activities based on the child development process.
  2. Free play in the morning is followed by a routine of assembly in which they have daily routine of prayer, national anthem followed by learning activities.
  3. The learning activities are done in accordance with the early childhood curriculum.
  4. Qari Sahab also comes before start of learning activities for pre-schoolers and after lunch for after-schoolers.
  5. There is a separate sleeping room that is properly being used with nap schedule for both pre-and-after school children.  After lunch the children sleep and wake up in the afternoon for storytelling, role-play, singing games and fun.
  6. Individual folder of each child has been made and its work and activities are placed in it.
  7. Activities such as painting, the formation of letters, pencil gripping, wall chalk activity for pencil griping, crafting, indoor and outdoor games, gardening opportunities are also part of the routine.
  8. Work is also displayed on the bulletin board.
  9. Children celebrate all the gazette and non gazette days in order know the importance of such events in their grooming.
  10. Radio program of the children is also recorded.
  11. The children are encouraged to go to the reading corner daily.
  12. The incharge see the bi- weekly planner of the teacher with all details of the learning activities and art and craft activities and games.  The after school children have also been engaged in scrabble, word hunt games, and writing of news, drama and role-play.
  13. ECCC has an LED TV for screening digital stories and games. The after school children on Friday go to library for watching informative videos and play table top games when it is not booked for any library event.

Detail of Early Child Care Center (ECCC) Team


Dr. Salma Nazar Khan

Incharge ECCC


Ms. Sumiya Asghar

Teacher BPS 14(3month contarct)


Qari Abdul Sattar

Qari Sahab


Ms. Kalara Robin



Ms. Shamim Akhtar



Ms. Tehmina Aslam



Ms. Robina Arif



Ms. Fareeda Fayyaz



Ms. Sehrish Javed



Ms. Silvia Naz



Ms. Sumbal Ijaz



Ms. Saba Bilal



Ms. Samina Imran


Current number of ECCC Kids

Pre-School Kids


After School Kids


Total Kids