Information Technology Center

IT center has twenty one Labs including the three recently added well-equipped, stateof-the-art computer labs (including Ph.D ,Thesis and Multimedia Lab), and about more than fourteen hundred computers have been networked. In addition, there is an Electronics/Physics Lab, Microprocessor Lab and Digital Design Lab.

These Labs have been developed and equipped to meet specific program needs by constantly updating the required software/hardware. The Center has a dedicated video-conferencing facility and 155 Mbps of internet connectivity for use of students and staff. The Center has also installed ninety six multimedia projectors in almost all classrooms of the University.

The maintenance of electronic equipment, computers and multimedia equipment is carried out by our own technicians, and a sickbay has been established for this purpose. The Center collaborates with the overall plan of education, sciences, technology-thrust and development of IT in the country.

The IT Center provides a wide range of services and seamless access to electronic information which helps in producing specialists in the field.

Information Technology is revolutionizing the world. Students are required to abide by a code of conduct when using the computers.

FJWU has launched a massive program primarily to train women in IT. Therefore, the acceptance of our students in the market has been stupendous. The Center, which remains open throughout the year, provides state-of-the-art telecommunication facility to the university. University Exchange supports VOIP service and IP Telephone service has been provided to some senior officials of the University.

FJWU has installed Wi-Fi Network consisting of 32 Indoor and 4 Outdoor Access Points, which have been integrated with the existing LAN in the University. This is facilitating all staff, students and faculty to use internet connectivity through their wireless cards within the University premises. IT Center has made it secure to avoid unauthorized/rogue clients by using MAC filtering and Security Encryption Techniques. More than 700 users are currently registered in this wireless network.

A wide variety of licensed software is held by the IT Center and installed in labs for use by all concerned. In the last financial year 186 new Dell machines were purchased for the University.

IT Center has purchased state-of-the-art Virtua Software, a library management system. It is worth mentioning that FJWU is one of the four organizations in the country using this software. Due to current security situations in the country, IT Center has deployed fully equipped Security System for the University. This security system consists of CCTV Cameras and two Security Walkthrough Gates at the entrances of the University. The Security System has also been extended to Director IT Center’s Office and Server Room for continuous monitoring/ management.

IT Center has launched a VPN Server that enables to access the Digital Library Facility to Faculty & Students from their home. Users are able to access the Digital Library by establishing a VPN Connection to FJ VPNServer.

IT Center is working to extend the Internet facility to nearby hostels. Currently one hostel has been linked up on Wireless link on trial basis. After successful implementation,other nearby hostels will be linked up by using same architecture to provide twenty four hours Internet facility to students in their hostels.