Computer Arts

The success of our undergraduate program BCA (Bachelor in Computer Arts) relies on creativity and effective teamwork.

Computer Arts is a highly specialized subject, incorporating the understanding of multiple softwares and operating systems for the development of design. Animation, virtual reality and design is taught by highly skilled and competent faculty members through updated course outlines built to stay abreast of technological advancement internationally.

The computer design courses are heavily focused on concentrated areas. Computer labs are available at university campus and are well-equipped to meet specific program needs. An education in computer design can lead to job opportunities in media, advertisement industry, webpage design and e-commerce.

The four year degree program combines a concentration of technical and general education courses leading to the presentation of a 6 credit hour thesis.

The aim of this program is to improve communication through design and documentation. Traditional drawing and sketching ability is built upon leading to computer aided and digital design.

The imagination of the student is honed to create an almost endless variety of computer generated images projecting socio-political ideas of worth and value.

Computer Arts like all liberal arts aims to enrich and enliven our emotional world. The impact of arts is seen in the well-being of our society. Through public funded or commercial projects, Computer Arts plays a vital role in generating a spirit of participation and social facilitation. It can create a database for design and for manufacturing. Through creative ways it can reduce a sense of anxiety and estrangement so prevalent in today’s society.

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