Placement Center

Placement Office at Fatima Jinnah Women University provides a link between the job market and University students. This office is committed to providing all possible assistance to its graduates in their efforts to find employment.

It not only furnishes information about job opportunities for students and alumni but also equips them with the pre-requisites of the jobs through conducting seminars on Career Counseling. Seminars, lectures and workshops are arranged in order to orient students for jobs. Guests are also invited from different organizations to give an insight into the professional arena.
Staff is available to respond to student questions and concerns of all kinds. This may include advice on hiring procedures, helping with preparation of applications and resumes, and assisting with practice interviews. Advice is based upon up-to-date placement statistics and an informed view of educational and market trends; the aim is to ensure that our graduates have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.
Placement Office arranges internships for students in areas relevant to their program. It coordinates with the organizations, monitors the internship programs and keeps all record of internship activities.
Students are screened and their resumes are reviewed before they are sent for interviews. Data regarding organizations, resource persons and other organizational information is constantly updated and made available to students. Job and vacancy advertisements are posted daily on the Job Board. An Alumni Secretariat is maintained at the Placement Office where an updated record of alumni and their placement is kept.

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