BS and MSc. PROGRAM (Behavioral Sciences)

Human behavior is a by-product of multifaceted interactions between individual, social, cultural and political forces that can be traced back to ancient ages. Understanding human behavior therefore, is not a simple task. The Bachelors and Master’s degree of Behavioral Sciences (BHS) at FJWU offers a multidisciplinary approach to studying the human behavior in its entirety. The BHS program brings together valuable assets from disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology to provide insights into human behavior. The focus of the program is to equip students with essential skills required to comprehend, analyse & explain human behavior in socio-cultural context. The courses are designed to address different psycho-social issues with a strong focus on an eclectic approach for understanding these issues and providing solutions through participation in research projects & developing strategies.

Employment Opportunities

A degree in Behavioral Sciences offers students a flexible scope of job opportunities in Public and Private sector, such as Research Organizations, Hospitals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Multi National Organizations. Graduates will be able to pursue careers as researchers, counselors, and trainers in health care services; as lecturers/teachers (university/college), as school counselors, and in community development and social welfare programs.