Breach of Examination Rules (Unfair Means)

A student found:

  1. having in her possession or accessible to her any paper/s, mobile phone, books or notes;
  2. giving or receiving assistance;
  3. copying or attempting to copy from any source
  4. writing or having written on palm, arm or anywhere on her body/clothing
  5. forging another person’s signatures on the attendance sheet;
  6. refusing to obey the supervisory staff in the examination hall for the fair conduct of the examination;
  7. changing her seat with another student, without the permission of the supervisory staff;
  8. misbehaving or creating distractive behavior of any kind during the examination;
  9. Instigating others to stage a walkout or resort to a pen-down strike shall be liable to expulsion by the supervisory staff or the Controller of Examinations or any officer duly authorized by the Vice Chancellor and shall be disqualified for a period up to one academic year from appearing in any examination of the University.

Students found guilty of the above shall be expelled from the Examination room by the supervisory staff and shall be liable to any of the following punishments according to the seriousness of the offence:

  1. Cancellation of the particular answer-book concerned;
  2. Suspension up to two semesters;
  3. Disqualification/withdrawal of the candidacy.
  4. A student influencing, or attempting to influence, the Examiners or invigilating staff or the Controller of Examinations and other University staff directly or with the objective of gaining benefit in the examination shall be disqualified for that examination.

Appeal against the Decision of the Unfair Means Cases

If a student is not satisfied by the decision of the Unfair Means Cases of Disciplinary Committee, she can submit her appeal within a week after the decision of the Committee to the Vice Chancellor. No appeal shall lie against the decision of the Competent Authority.