Library Services

FJWU provide Library Services regarding Book Lending, Reference Service and Searching Assistance.

Book Lending

All registered users are entitled to borrow books and other materials according to the FJWU Library Policy. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk for your eligibility. To borrow books, [please present your FJWU - ID Card at the Circulation Desk.

Reference Service

An active help desk provide efficient and reliable service under the supervision of professional librarians. Users may query by telephone or E-mail at: [email protected].

Searching Assistance

In case an item is not located on the shelve, inquiry can be made at the Circulation Desk. A search will, then be initiated and the user will be informed, when the required item is found.

Inter-Library Co-operation

Arrangements are also made for inter-library loan for books and journals especially with libraries of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on the request of librarians. It is a co-operative effort on the part of the librarians and it is useful too, for the procurement of literature not available in the library, without which it is difficult to collect all such useful materials on individual basis. The library could not procure all relevant materials, which is publishing with such a speed. There is also limitation of financial resources, as the cost of books. Journals and other materials are growing rapidly.

Bibliographical service

The Library provides subject bibliographies of the available resources for Instructional support. These bibliographies are delivered to the Faculty for course designing and to students for their research work and assignments.