V.C. Message

Fatima Jinnah Women University is a institution with a vision to promoting and facilitating studies and research in various fields of Higher Education for women.

Dr. Saima Hamid

This is an institute with vision to promoting and facilitating studies and research in various fields of higher education.I extend a very warm welcome to you enter the lively academic culture of Fatima Jinnah Women University to realize your goals of higher education. You are joining the University at the time when it is consolidating and advancing its academic achievements. You are connecting to a proud legacy and becoming a part of a vibrant professional atmosphere. Fatima Jinnah Women University aims to provide quality education to the women of Pakistan. It aims to advance learning to the highest level attainable through research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of women in particular and society in general. The women are trained to become mainstream citizens with confidence about their position and status in society.

Women are proving themselves in every field of life. The real empowerment of women lies in the ability of women to explore their talents and develop their potential to the optimal level. The decision to choose a field and then grow and develop in the chosen field puts a lot of responsibility on you and we try to prepare our young women to accept this responsibility with belief in their ability and faith in their efforts. University is the training ground where you are prepared to face the challenges of the real world. Use this opportunity to understand yourself, the demands of today’s world and ways of meeting these demands without compromising your religious beliefs, cultural entity and national ideology. When you graduate from FJWU, we hope you will remain our emissaries for disseminating our training and vision.

I want to emphasize for the young women of this nation that time ripe for us to strengthen what we have achieved and to avail of the opportunities that come our way. We have to think of the future of our nation. What does this country need from you? How can you contribute to this national community that you are a part of? You have to think about it. Yes, we are responsible for you today but our future is in your hands. Think about your responsibility to this nation. You are a part of the 21st century. Think where we are today and where you would like your children to be at your age. This long-term vision will crystallize your future aspirations for you and help you to proceed towards an accessible goal in real time frame. You are the vanguards of future. I hope it is bright and beautiful because you deserve it.