Library Policy

FJWU students and faculty members are expected to follow the Library Policy for using Library Services.

General Rules

Users are expected to observe the following rules while using the library services. Any violation of these rules will incur appropriate disciplinary action.

  • Personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, etc., are not allowed inside the library. Please check them in with the guard outside the library entrance. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
  • Submit any book or object for inspection, when requested by the library staff.
  • Do not write, underline or mark any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.
  • After reading, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Please do not reshelve the books.
  • Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff.
  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library.
  • Keep your mobiles off within the library premises.
  • Do not change configuration of computers or any other equipment in the library. FJWU IT code of conduct must be observed while using IT applications.

Lending rules

  • Books or other materials borrowed from the library shall be non-transferable and would be expected to be used by the borrower themselves, and should not be passed on to somebody else outside from the FJWU.
  • Normally the books shall be charged out only at the Circulation Desk on presenting a valid library card and shall be returned to the Circulation Desk within due course of time.
  • Signature on book cards must be in full and legible. Initials are not adequate because they are often misleading.
  • Loan books may be renewed/re-issued to the same user provided other clientele does not require them. The books for renewal purpose must be presented at the circulation desk so that new date is recorded on the issuing card along with signatures.
  • In exceptional circumstances, materials charged out to any user can be recalled to meet the emergent needs of another user. If recalled, the borrowed books must immediately be brought to the Circulation Desk.
  • Reference materials, theses/dissertations and serial publications including magazines, and journals whether current or back-runs cannot checked out. They can be consulted within the library premises.
  • While returning books to the Library, the borrower should personally satisfy himself that his name has been struck off properly from the records.
  • If any book is marked or damaged or mutilated by the borrower, he/she will have to replace it by a new one or will pay the double cost for replacement.
  • FJWU staff going on leave exceeding Two month’s duration should return all the library materials before they proceed.
  • All books issued shall be shown to the receptionist at the entrance before leaving.
  • Any material not returned or renewed within 60 days of the due date will be considered LOST.
  • The use of Library shall be open to the members of the following categories after applying for the membership on the prescribed form, which is available from Libaray Circulation Desk as well as from FJWU homepage:

  • University teachers;
  • Officers of the University other than teaching;
  • Staffs of the University employed on Research Projects who deposited the Library security
  • Under-graduate student of the university;
  • Full time post graduate students of the University; and
  • No other uses except the above categories shall be allowed to go the stack area of the library.

All registered users are entitled to borrow Books and other library materials from the library. Borrowing limit may be depending on the membership category. The borrowing limits for general books are:-

Membership Category

 Borrowing limits


University teachers


      90 days

Officers other than teaching


      15 days

Ph.D Students/Research Asstt.


      30 days

Under graduate Students


      15 days

Graduate students


      15 days


To encourage timely return of library materials and to provide optimal sharing of the collection, fines are charged on over-due items. Borrowers are solely responsible for returning or renewing items by the due date. If the items are not returned within due date, a fine will be activated to the first overdue day at the following rate:

Overdue books

Rs. 5 per book per day up to 2 weeks, from the Third week Rs 10 per book.
For Reference books, the fine will be charged Rs. 40 per book.

Lost Books

In case of loss or damage, the borrowers will be charged double times the current price of the items.

Disciplinary Fine

Library has effectively put into practice for those students who violate the library code of conduct for maintaining silence and discipline in the Library. Rs. 500 are charged on first time violation, Rs. 1000 on second time violation. If a user continues, the case will be referred to Value; Ethics Committee.