Registrar's Office

The Registrar Office of Fatima Jinnah Women University coordinates with faculty, staff and students.

The university has an enrollment of more than 4500 students. At the macro level, its responsibilities include interaction with other Public and Private sector institutions, national & international governmental and policy making bodies, with a focus on management and administration. At the micro level, its tasks include streamlining of the offices and their working mechanism for effective and efficient running of office machinery. It entails overseeing of the offices of Administration, Courses Coordinator and Admission Office.

It also oversees Placement Office (career advice) for FJWU graduates and streamlines the Internship Program for the students. The office is responsible for the administration and management of admissions and registration of PhD, M. Phil, Master's, and Bachelor's Programs (out of which two are Professional Undergraduate Programs). It liaisons and conducts meetings of all governing and policy-making bodies of the University, which include Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB), Syndicate and Academic Council. It also represents the University on various platforms.

The Registrar Office coordinates Seminars and Conferences of International, Regional & National Level. It is responsible for organizing academic activities like Commencement, Colloquia and co-curricular activities like awareness rising campaigns, staff retreats etc. It is the liaison office for international students. Registrar Office is also responsible for the over all management of the co-curricular activities such as Annual Day, Women's Week, Musical Evenings and Workshops.

The Registrar Office coordinates with the foreign universities and think-tanks for collaborative research projects and joint ventures.