Purchase Office

Purchase Office processes all the procurement related cases of the University in accordance with Punjab Procurement Rules 2014. The major procurements include IT Equipment/ Laboratory Equipment/ Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Consumables/ Furniture items, Stationery items, Printing work, etc. In addition, tenders like hiring of Security Services, Cafeteria Services, Renting out of Shops, Renting out of Space for Billboards, Hiring of Services for Repair/ Maintenance of Transformers, Generators, Photocopying Machines and Air Conditioners are also executed by the Purchase Office.

A Purchase Committee is constituted to observe all the legal/ codal/ procedural formalities strictly in accordance with “Punjab Procurement Rules 2014” for all procurements (goods/ services) to ensure transparency and financial discipline.

The Purchase Committee is consisted of 5 x officers, which are selected from faculty/ staff. Purchase Office works under direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Azra Yasmin (Chair Purchase Committee).