Academic Council

The Academic Council shall consist of
(i)the Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson:
(ii)the Pro-Vice-Chancellor
(iii)the Deans of the University
(iv)the Directors of Institutes
(v)the Principals of affiliated and constituent colleges
(vi)the Chairpersons of the Departments
(vii)the Professors including Professors Emeritus
(viii)two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors and two Lecturers to be elected from amongst themselves
(ix)the Education Secretary, Government of the Punjab or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary
(x)the Director of Education (Colleges) Rawalpindi Division, Rawalpindi
(xi)the Regional Director of Technical Education, Rawalpindi Division, Rawalpindi
(xii)five persons to be nominated by the Chancellor
(xiii)three women of eminence to be nominated by the Syndicate
(xiv)the Registrar
(xv)the Controller of Examinations and
(xvi)the University Librarian

(2) The members of the Academic Council, other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for three years; and if the office of any such member becomes vacant before the expiry of such terms, such vacancy shall be filled in the prescribed manner

(3) The number of members to constitute the quorum for a meeting of the Academic Council shall be one-third of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one