University Medical Center (UMC)

University Medical Center is functioning under the supervision of a highly qualified, experienced and competent Medical Officer. UMC provides first aid to the staff and students of the FJWU.

Health care of the students and staff of the Fatima Jinnah Women University has always been on the priority list of FJWU. Keeping this in view FJWU has Medical Center and a Day Care that provide all the first aid medical facilities and medical assistance for minor emergencies. The center keeps arranging different awareness programs and beneficial programs for the students, faculty and staff of the University. The staff compromises of Senior Medical Officer, Resident Medical Officer, One Head Nurse, two Staff- Nurses, one Nurse Aide Male, one Teacher for DCC kids and fifteen caregivers.

The clinic provides medical facilities throughout the year which includes the following:

Emergency Treatments, Prescriptions and medication in OPD, Infusions, I/M pain killers and anti-allergy medicines, Oral medication, Nebulization, Dressing of the wounds, Routine checkups of blood pressure and temperature, Random glucose tests etc. Referrals for different specialists of authorized hospitals are also given to the patients. Medical Center is also responsible for the reimbursement of indoor and outdoor bills of the employees referred to different authorized hospitals.

The Center is fully equipped for all emergencies and transfer of patients to hospitals is available. Two fully equipped Ambulances, wheel chair and stretcher etc are available for emergency use.

The Day Care runs under full-supervision of the University. This facility is given to all the faculty, administration and students. The Day Care has a staff of one teacher and fifteen caregivers, one head and rest are caregivers. It is supervised by the Head Nurse since December 2017.