Day Care Center


The FJWU Daycare Center was established in 1998 with the primary aim of supporting and empowering working women. It offers full-time childcare services to the children of FJWU faculty, staff, and students, providing a convenient solution for parents who work during the day. The Daycare Center offers numerous advantages that benefit both parents and children.


The Daycare Center is divided into rooms based on age groups, including:

  • Infants’ Room: Newborn to One Year
  • Young Toddlers’ Room: One to Two Years
  • Old Toddlers’ Room: Two to Three and a Half Years

The child-to-caregiver ratio adheres to the guidelines and standards set by Women Development Department, Government of Punjab. All rooms are well-equipped with heating and cooling systems, LED lights for entertainment, and CCTV cameras for surveillance. The Daycare Center's supervisor constantly monitors the caregivers and children's activities.

Children at the Daycare Center engage in activities that promote early socialization, self-confidence, and interaction with diverse personalities. They begin to learn through listening and speaking activities before they even enroll in school. The Daycare Center offers basic educational benefits, such as alphabet and number recognition. Our staff members are highly trained professionals who employ effective techniques to enhance a child's communication and language development. This includes teaching alphabets, numbers, primary shapes, and colors. The Daycare Center plays a crucial role in preparing children for school, allowing parents to attend work with peace of mind and increased productivity. It also fosters children's development into confident individuals as they grow up, which is truly invaluable.

Our team undergoes comprehensive professional and personal development training sessions to ensure they remain current in essential childcare practices.

If you are part of the FJWU community and have young children, don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of our services.

Parent Committee

In accordance with the directives outlined in the Day Care Centers guidelines by the Women Development Center of the Government of Punjab, a parent committee has been established and officially communicated to serve as a platform for parents to offer input and receive updates on any issues or topics of importance. The notification is readily accessible on the website along with the Guidelines.


To be eligible for admission to the Daycare Center, applications must be submitted through the Department to the Daycare Center In-Charge. After approval, parents are notified of their child's admission to the Daycare Center. Newborn children up to 3.5 years are eligible for the DCC services. Children stay in the Daycare Center until the age of 3.5 years, after which they are transitioned to the Early Childhood Care Center (ECCC), where they continue their preschool and after-school programs.

Children of faculty, staff (BPS 1 to 16 and above), visiting faculty, and students of FJWU are eligible for admission to the Daycare Center.


Upon admission to the Daycare Center, parents are provided with a registration form, which should be completed and returned with two passport-size photographs—one attached to the registration form and the other placed on the "birthday tree" of the Daycare Center. Parents must also provide vaccination records and a birth certificate. A file with the child's name tag is prepared and kept in the Daycare Center office for various activities, such as coloring worksheets. Once the child reaches the age of 2 years and is transferred to the Old Toddlers' Room.

Fee Structure

The Daycare Center generates a fee challan form, and fees are to be submitted to the Budget account of FWBL, FJWU branch by the 10th of every month. The bank provides copies of the paid challan form to parents, the bank itself, the accounts office, and the Daycare Center. Fee records are meticulously maintained by the Daycare Center on a monthly basis. Further information about fee structure can be obtained from the DCC.

Day Care Children Strength (updated till 28 – September 2023)

  • Infants’ Room: 12 - 14
  • Young Toddlers’ Room: 12 - 14
  • Old Toddlers’ Room: 12 - 14
  • Total Strength: 44