Urdu is the National language of Pakistan and the representative language of the Muslims of the sub-continent. It is a rich source of Muslim culture and literature and has a precious intellectual heritage. Urdu is not merely a language: it holds an ideology akin to the ideology of Pakistan.

The language is in dire need to have a new generation of young enthusiastic scholars and researchers take place of the old guard who, off course, made tremendous contribution in developing Urdu as a language. The present Global search in linguistic studies is a challenge that Urdu scholar need to meet with scientific research. The history of nations who have made a mark in the fields in the natural and social sciences is witness to the fact that without developing their national language , a nation cannot make progress and compete in the polity of nations.

The Department of Urdu was established in 2012 under the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with a view to develop and promote Urdu language and literature.

Keeping in view the new global realities and to make it grow as an international language of science, technology, politics and culture, the department of Urdu, in its progressive quest, has not only established liaisons with its counter parts in other universities but has also proved a source of inspiration for foreign students. The department of Urdu at FJWU has set such goals for itself and is working to provide an opportunity for the female students of this area to acquire high quality education in Urdu literature. The students are encouraged to form their own literary Club to share their literary and creative work with faculty and fellow students.

Urdu Department offers Bachelor and Master’s degree and intends to shortly initiate research oriented work up to M.Phil and Ph.D. levels in the University. The department also intends to publish a HEC approved Annual Journal with contributions from national and international eminent scholars, poets and writers.

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