FJWU offers residential facility to the out-stationed students, in principle. Currently more than 800 students from all over Pakistan are residing in 12 different hostels of FJWU.

Faculty and staff members are entrusted with the charge of individual hostels (called Halls).  Dr. Azra Yasmin is the Chairperson, Hall Council at present. She, along with the other in charges, supervises the smooth functioning of FJWU hostels keeping in view the following:

  • Daily functioning of the residences
  • Issues pertaining to the hostel residents
  • Policies and procedures

A full time student admitted to any department in the University is eligible to apply for accommodation in the University hostels, provided she has no accommodation available in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. Furthermore, that she is neither employed anywhere, in any capacity, in Rawalpindi / Islamabad nor receiving any house rent subsidy.

Hostel accommodation is not a matter of right. It is a facility provided by the University, subject to the availability of seats.

  • Applications for accommodation in the University hostels shall be submitted on the prescribed forms in the manner laid down by the University. Only those applications will be considered that are submitted within the due date.
  • All hostel dues are deposited in the First Women Bank booth at FJWU Campus.
  • The students residing in the hostels at a distance from University Campus are provided transport facility by the University.
  • An intending resident who does not occupy the allotted seat by the notified date shall lose her seat, unless she seeks re-allotment, which shall depend on availability of seat. However, a student can retain her seat on grounds of illness, supported by necessary medical certificate.
  • A resident desirous of leaving the hostel within the first 15 days is eligible to a full refund after the deduction of administrative charges. However, after 15 days she would be eligible for refundable dues only.
  • Hostel advisory committee reserves the right to cancel the admission from the hostel on disciplinary/moral or other grounds.