Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematics at the Fatima Jinnah Women University has an excellent research reputation, a strong, demanding program of graduate and postgraduate study in mathematics, and a full range of course is offered. The department has faculty with research interests in virtually every area of mathematics.

Brief Histroy: The Mathematical Sciences Department at Fatima Jinnah Women University was established in 2007, the year of Mathematics. Mathematics is a basic and powerful tool for solving problems and a highly creative field of study. Mathematics is important to all areas of our society and is a foundation for many different kinds of careers. Mathematical graduates are in high demand and can obtain well paid work in many areas, including teaching, investment banking and finance; the civil service; the pharmaceutical industry; and medicine statistics. Mathematics graduates are highly employable due to the advanced problem-solving, analytical skills and higher level numeracy skills developed by studying this subject. The primary aim of the Department is to produce mathematical thinkers, scholars, researchers and teachers for future endeavors.


To create a community of learned female Mathematicians by engaging them in research and teaching to become a potential citizen of society.


By leveraging the institutional legacy and locational advantage, Mathematical Sciences aims.

  • To provide quality education in the field of Mathematics
  • To provide the inspirational academic learning skills of leadership and communication to the students.

Undergraduate Program


Award: Bachelors in Mathematical Sciences
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 4 Years

M.Phil Program


M.Phil in Mathematics
Award: M.Phil in Mathematics
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 2 Years The HEC allows a maximum period of four years to complete MPhil degree requirements

PhD Program


Award: Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 3 Years The HEC allows a maximum period of eight years to complete PhD degree requirements.

Important Contacts

Ms. Marium Raza