Hostel Charges

Cost of Residential Services

Semester Dues (Semester I and onwards)
Maintenance Services Head: (A)
Service Charges 1,000
Utensil Charges 500
Common Room Charges 200
Heating/Fan, Tubewell Charges 1,000
Repair & Renovation Charges 3,000
Sui Gas Charges 2,500
Electric Charges 2,500
Sub Total (A) 10,200
Rent Charges(B): 7,000
Sub Total (B) 7,000
Security (C):
Hostel Security (Refundable) 1,000
Mess Security (Refundable) 1,000
Sub Total (C) 2,000
Grand Total (A+B) without Security 17,200
Grand Total (A+B+C) with Security 19,200
*Mess Dues (Per Month) 3,700

*Mess dues subject to market price, and liable to change from time to time.