Universiti Sains Malaysia invites Dr Aneela Maqsood to address webinar on crisis management and wellbeing enhancement

In a seminar series at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Dr Aneela Maqsood (head of department of Behavioral Sciences FJWU) delivered a talk on wellbeing enhancement as an emerging adaptive function of crisis management. She highlighted how the COVID-19 has put forward unique challenges in personal and social life spheres. Along with challenges, she deliberated on positivity which the pandemic has brought to us. We have seen facilitation for learning and interaction across borders in order to benefit from vision, experiences, and work worldwide. She further discussed how all over the world understanding wellbeing from individual to collective level became a focus of attention. There has been increased emphasis on maintaining the mental health of different segments of the community as a global health challenge. At workplaces, the efforts to maintain and promote employees’ mental health became much more explicit than ever before. The complex interplay of psychological, social and economic factors provided a unique understanding of crisis management and the associated reactions leaving lessons for the sustainable health promotion system in organizations. The seminar stimulated discussion on using different wellness interventions and coping strategies to enhance wellbeing.