Press Release: On Campus Final Examinations

In pursuance of directives of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) shall be conducting On Campus Final Examinations from June 15, 2021 following staggered approach and strict SOPs.

In view of the COVID -19 impact, some students had their reservations and two groups of students came forward with their concerns regarding final examinations on June 4, 2021 which were given immediate priority and were discussed and resolved in the presence of 'Higher Academic Bodies' and ‘Security Officials'. These groups of students showed their satisfaction with the final decisions being taken in that meeting for their academic careers.  On June 7, 2021 again a small number of students started their protest outside the campus gate. The University authorities immediately called the representative to come and discuss their concerns. Students were again given strong assurance that the University will facilitate them on an individual basis and they were strongly advised to convey their problems to the relevant departments on an immediate basis. The university authorities are in continuous contact with all FJWU students and all those students have shown their satisfaction with the On-Campus Mode of Examination. However, the staff from the relevant academic departments of FJWU also confirmed that there are very few FJWU students who were part of this protest while many outsiders were also present in the protest. It is pertinent to mention that these outsiders pretended to be FJWU Students but their fake IDs were revealed upon investigation.

FJWU is open for all academic activities from June 07, 2021. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their academic concerns and issues to their relevant departments for immediate academic guidance. University has already provided relaxation in the course content and in the rescheduling of the date sheet. In addition to this, a one week extension has also been granted to the students for their Final Exam preparations.