National Women's Day Commemorate at Fatima Jinnah Women University

RAWALPINDI: Women Research and Resource Centre (WRRC) of Fatima Jinnah Women University has organized talk on National Women. Dr. Shaheena Ayub Bhatti, Director WRRC welcomed the worthy guests. The national Women Days is observed every year every year to highlight the struggle of women at national level.

Ms. Nigar Nazar (Pakistan First Cartoonist) and Ms. Maleeha Husain, Executive Director Mehar Garh, were the guest speakers. Ms. Nigar Nazar briefly described the mission of Gogi Studios. She informed that the basic idea behind Gogi Studio is to educate and spread awareness among those belonging to the lower middle class of Pakistan through comic. She said that drawing was her passion and she started it at very early age. Nigar further told that her work is not just limited to topics related to women empowerment, but she also tries to talk about the existing social issues that are prevalent in our society. Furthermore, she narrated an extremely inspirational story about a girl named Tahira, who with the help of the books produced by Gogi Studios now goes to school. Tahira’s story motivated Nigar to produce a whole collection of comic books for children on a wide range of subjects concerning social problems. She also launched her new project “Value of a Single Tree” and motivated student’s to participate in it.

Ms. Maleeha Hussain told students to have firm belief in their abilities. She emphasized the importance of self-belief and encouraged young girls and women to be proud of them. While talking about the Harassment she said that being a responsible citizen women must have the knowledge of her rights and laws which are designed to protect ther. She urged that Universities should must have proper mechanism and trained committee members to address and solve such issues.

It was an enlightening seminar followed by question answer session. Dr. Sarwat Rasul thanked the guests and informed the audience about the efforts made by the university to empower women through education. At the end, Dr. Sarwat Rasul, Faculty Advisor, Arts and Social Sciences, Islamic and Oriental Learning, Dr. Uzaira Rafiq, Dean Faculty of Science and Technology and Dr. Shaheena A. Bhatti, Director WRRC presented university souvenir to the honorable guests as a token of appreciation.