ICETST 2023: Second International Conference at FJWU Highlights Global Collaboration, Women's Empowerment, and Scientific Progress in STEM

Gathering luminaries from across the globe, the Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science and Technology (ICETST), hosted by Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), has etched an indelible mark on the academic landscape. The conference not only showcased the university's unwavering commitment to academic excellence but has also underscored the vital significance of international cooperation, women's empowerment in STEM fields, and the relentless pursuit of scientific advancement for societal betterment. This groundbreaking event, spanning from October 2nd to October 6th, 2023, convened under the banner of the Faculty of Science and Technology at FJWU, encompassed pivotal discussions, profound presentations, and visionary projects that have carved the contours of scientific innovation.

The conference, orchestrated by Prof. Dr. Uzaira Rafique, the Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of Science and Technology delved into five thematic areas: Health Care Informatics and Biomedical Engineering, Green Technologies and Green Economics, Recent Advances in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Modeling and Simulation, and Sustainability of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Out of 96 submitted abstracts, 26 oral presentations and 32 poster presentations emerged triumphant following a rigorous peer-review process.

Distinguished international keynote speakers from France, UK, Germany, China, and South Africa graced the occasion, sharing invaluable insights into multidisciplinary research, artificial intelligence, and sustainable solutions. The conference's displayed eight groundbreaking scientific projects, showcasing the university's unwavering commitment to cutting-edge research.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmood Baig (S.I & T.I), Chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), graced the event as Chief Guest. Dr. Baig underscored the indispensable role conferences like ICETST play in fostering networking and knowledge exchange among academicians, researchers, and industry professionals. He reaffirmed PSF's unwavering commitment to supporting nationwide science and technology projects, emphasizing the organization's rigorous peer-reviewed selection process and user-friendly online project submission portal. Dr. Baig reiterated PSF's dedication to promoting active participation of women in science and technology, promising enduring support to FJWU.

The Guest of Honor, Mr. Afzal Khan, Member of Parliament for Labour representing Manchester, United Kingdom, commended FJWU for its pioneering role in advancing women's empowerment and equal educational opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Shazia Iftikhar, Conference Coordinator, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the attendees, sponsors, and international participants, singling out sponsors like HEC, PSF, NCPC, Technology Link, Rays Technologies, Science Center, and Pakistan Pure Gas, for their instrumental role in the conference's success.

The closing ceremony culminated with the presentation of certificates and souvenirs to the distinguished guests and speakers, concluding with a cherished photograph capturing the spirit of collaboration and scientific exploration.

The conference remains a beacon of knowledge-sharing and collaborative inspiration, lighting the path for future generations to explore the infinite horizons of science and technology.