Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Social Skills Training and Workplace Inclusiveness at FJWU

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) are prone to discrimination, neglect and exclusion and they suffer the same at workplace. Empowering PWDs in the domain of employment involves actions inculcating social skills necessary for social adjustment and positive outcomes. The project, supported by U.S. Mission in partnership with Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, awarded to Prof. Dr. Bushra Yasmin (Team Lead), Dr. Shaheryar Naveed (Team Member/Trainer), Dr. Aneela Maqsood (Team Member/Trainer) and Mr. Hamad Manzoor (Coordinator) aims to develop social skills among PWDs by inclusiveness program and to train their employers for mass awareness and sensitization, through two intensive free of cost workshops, each for employers and employees group of persons with disabilities. This will be followed by the preparation of Manual for further dissemination. The workshops will be conducted with the support of Saaya Foundation, Association of Persons with Disabilities, a signatory of MoU with FJWU and STEP foundation motivational speakers.

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