International Conference on Strengthening Teaching and Research Capacity: Collaborative Partnership in Social Sciences

August 16-18, 2022 Organized by Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi-Pakistan In collaboration with South Asian Institute, University of Texas, Austin-USA Introduction Research capacity strengthening is the process by which individuals, institutions and societies develop abilities – individually and collectively – to perform research effectively, efficiently and in a sustainable manner to offer academics scholars and researchers a platform to share findings in the field of Social Sciences. Research capacity building and its impact on policy and international research partnership is increasingly seen as important. These can have a positive impact on research capacity building, provided such partnerships are long-term collaborations with a unified aim, but they can also have challenges.  We are gathering top members of academia for three days of learning, networking and presenting. Our expert committee ensures the highest level of quality of all oral, virtual and presentations. The conference is being organised under the project “Strengthening teaching and Research Capacity Collaborative Partnership in Social Sciences” funded by US Partnership grant program. The aim is to gather leading academicians, scholars and researchers to share their knowledge and new ideas as well as to discuss current development in the fields of social sciences. In addition the conference will offer opportunities for academicians and industry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants. Objectives:

  1.  To strengthen partnership with interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research in Social Sciences faculty.
  2. To share the experiences of pedagogical skills in teaching and it’s transitioned in the new normal.
  3. To highlight the prospects and challenges of blurring boundaries in socials sciences.
To provide academic platform to build professional network and strengthen research activities.

Sub Themes:

  1. Collaborative research
  1. Teaching methodologies
  2. Online Teaching & Research during COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Applied Research in Social Sciences
  4. Social connectedness through media
  5. Advertising and public relations
  6. Human behaviour and communication
  7. Blurring boundaries of Social Sciences
  8. Psychology testing & assessment


  1. Social policy, social work and social legislation
  2. Social values
  3. Obstacles to research capacity development
  4. Research support and competencies
  5. Beyond crises
  6. Distance learning and research
  7. Sociology of Knowledge
  8. Gender & Identity
  9. SDGs and Social Development

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Registration fee: (PKR) FJWU Students:    500/- FJWU Faculty:      1000/- Others:                    1500/-

Fee Submission Information: First Women Bank LTD Account No: PK02FWOM0039023097510000

 Call for Abstracts: Submission:                        February 28, 2022 Acceptance:                        March 30, 2022 Registration Deadline:        May 30, 2022     Email: [email protected]

Abstracts Submission: Word Limit: 200 Font: 12 Time New Roman Key word: 3-4 Name: All authors name with their designation and email should be written properly at the top of the abstract.

Patron (FJWU) Dr. Saima Hamid, Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Patron (SAI-UT) Prof. Dr. Sharmila Rudarppa Director, South Asian, Institute University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Conference Conveners Dr. Sarwet Rasul (CO-PI) Associate Professor/Chairperson Department of English, FJWU

Dr. Adeela Rehman (PI) Assistant Professor/Incharge Department of Sociology, FJWU

Conference Coordinators Dr. Sajida Naz (CO-PI) Assistant Professor Department of Behaviour Sciences FJWU

Mr. Muhammad Ali (CO-PI) Assistant Professor Department of Communication and Media Studies Department, FJWU

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