First Virtual International Conference of National Centre for Research on Suicide Prevention

Suicide in Young People: Strategies for Prevention                                                      Sep 26th, 2023

Introduction of the Conference Suicide ranks as the second primary cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 24 worldwide. The alarming rise of suicide, often underestimated and regarded as a silent concern, is becoming increasingly pronounced in Pakistan. Pakistan grapples with a multitude of obstacles when it comes to accurately reporting and effectively managing cases of suicide. These obstacles stem from a complex interplay of social, cultural, religious, and legal factors, which not only hinder the diagnosis and reporting of suicidal incidents but also make the overall process considerably more challenging. The global significance of suicide as a major public health issue necessitates the establishment of both academic and policy platforms that focus on addressing this critical concern. By doing so, solutions can be derived, and a strategic action plan can be formulated to combat this distressing problem. To address this imperative, the National Centre for Research on Suicide Prevention has taken a proactive step by organizing the inaugural International Conference on Suicide Research. The central theme of the conference is aptly titled “Suicide in Young People: Strategies for Prevention”. The primary objective of this conference is mapping the interconnected elements influencing suicide, meticulously examining potential risk factors for suicidal behaviors, and efficiently recognizing and addressing instances of suicidal tendencies particularly in young age group. By achieving these goals, the conference will play a pivotal role in devising, initiating, overseeing, and appraising strategies aimed at preventing suicide across diverse environments, including community and educational settings, primary healthcare facilities, psychiatric units, and more.

This conference will consist of a diverse array of sessions covering a range of topics including but not limited to the epidemiology of suicidal attempts & fatalities, factors predisposing or safeguarding suicidal behavior & self-inflicted harm, parenthood's influence on suicidal ideation, misconceptions regarding suicidal behaviors, the Intersection of trauma, life events & suicide, the interplay of mental disorders & comorbidity in suicidal cases, the role of preventive measures and evidence based interventions in schools and community, and the relevant policy framework. The conference offers a robust platform for researchers, educators, and professionals from various disciplines for fostering dialogue, disseminating knowledge, and developing collaborative efforts to combat the complex challenge of suicide in its multifaceted manifestations and suggesting effective prevention strategies. The conference will foster and nurture partnerships and collaborations with prospective stakeholders, encompassing governmental bodies, national and international development agencies, educational institutions, media outlets, as well as the wider public. The conference will play a dual role: not only in the compilation of a comprehensive database for suicide prevention, but also in enhancing the skills and capabilities of essential personnel within community and healthcare environments. By doing so, it aims to bolster the capacity to effectively address the mental health challenges linked to suicidal behaviors in young people. 

Conference Themes 1: Mental Health Advocacy

  • Awareness & promotion of mental health 
  • Community-based Advocacy Approaches
  • Barriers & Challenges in Promotion of Mental Health
  • Myths about Suicidal Behaviors
  • Access to Mental Health Services
  • Emerging priorities for healthcare

2: Vulnerabilities, risks & protective factors 

  • Epidemiology of Suicidal Attempts & Deaths in young people
  • Mental Disorders & Comorbidity in Suicide
  • Risk & Protective factors of Suicidal Behavior
  • Parenting & Suicidal ideation
  • Trauma, Life Events & Suicide
  • Internet & Gaming Addiction and Self-harm

3. Suicide Prevention

  • Evidence-based Therapeutic Interventions & Treatment
  • First Aid Support for suicidal thoughts.
  • Role of Psychosocial support services

4. Policy Framework

  • Suicide and legal framework
  •  Preventing Suicide through Policy, Programs & Practices
  • Cross-Cultural Perspective of Suicide

  Panel Discussion Initiating Life Saving Dialogue: A Way Forward to Prevention & Management of Self-harm and Suicide in Schools & Colleges Organizers/ Collaborators

  • National Centre for Research on Suicide Prevention, Fatima Jinnah Women University
  • Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning
  • Global Cultural Psychiatry Group

Conference Steering Committee Patron-in-Chief Dr. Saima Hamid Vice Chancellor, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi Patrons Prof. Dr. Nusrat Hussain (University of Manchester, UK, Director Global Cultural Psychiatry Group) Prof. Dr. Nasim Chaudhry (CEO Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning) Prof. Dr. Imran Chaudhry (Chairman Dept. of Psychiatry, Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi)

Chief Organizer Dr. Aneela Maqsood Associate Professor of Applied Psychology (Dept. of Behavioral Sciences) Director National Centre for Research on Suicide Prevention

Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.