Call for Papers for First International Conference on Seerat un Nabi

About the Conference
Studying the biography of the Holy Prophet ( ) helps to understand the Holy Quran and the Hadith for having deep connections. The knowledge of characteristics and distinctions of the Prophet , his approach and dealings with others, and understanding the true sense of rights and duties, is possible only by studying the Seerat-e-Tayyaba. Studying the Seerah of the Prophet          not only provides direction about faith, sharia, ethics, but also solutions to the contemporary challenges towards politics, justice, economics, moralities, and social reforms in righteous way. Fatima Jinnah Women University invites researchers/scholars to present their researches in the First International Conference on   Seerat e Tayyaba.  
Objectives of Seerat Conference
The Objective of this conference is to provide the reliable platform of information on current developments in the field of Seerah, specific to produce quality research and making them available to researchers. The Holy Prophet’s teachings should be highlighted at every forum for better understanding of Islam by followers of other religions and enabling Muslims to follow the Sunnah. Challenges of Contemporary Era and their solutions in the light of teachings of Holy Prophet The conference endeavors to participate in the development of new scholarly approaches and solutions related to the problems encountered in new circumstances taking guidance from Seerat un Nabi. The conference invites original research articles in Arabic, Urdu and English Languages.
Call for Papers
Fatima Jinnah women University is organizing International Conference to celebrate “Shan e Ramat ul Lil Alameen Week. The conference will gather renowned scholars, faculty members and research students of different universities.
Conference Themes

  1. Application of Seerah Teachings in COVID -19 Situation
  2. Impact of Seerah on Human Rights in Current scenario
  3. Maintaining Ethical values on Social Media with Perspective of Seerah
  4.  Seerah teachings on  Minorities in the Diaspora Situation
  5. Inspiration from Seerah for Economic growth of Muslim Societies in 21st Century
  6. Religious tolerance in 21st  century in the teachings of Seerah

Important Dates

Important Dates

Last date for submission of Abstracts

4th October, 2021

Acceptance of Abstracts

7th October, 2021

Dates of the Conference

13th – 14th October, 2021

Venue of the Conference
New Auditorium

Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Contact Organizers
Dr. Shahzadi Pakeeza (Conference Coordinator) --------- 0333 5155 129
Ms. Zainab Moin (Conference Co-Coordinator) ----------- 0336 545 2273
Ms. Masooma Batool (Conference Co-Coordinator) ------ 0335 543 1184
Email:  [email protected] 
Registration Fee
Faculty members---------1000/-
Account Number Details for Registration Fee Submission
FJWU Training, Workshop & Conference no 00390230947510000
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