1st Multidisciplinary FJWU Conference Women Education and Society

8th – 10th March, 2023


Introduction The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2015 have been substantially focusing on gender equality and inclusivity in socio-economic and political arenas. SDG-5 focuses on eliminating all forms of discriminations against women to provide them with equal educational and employment opportunities. Yet, despite many efforts at national and international levels, women are still disadvantaged especially in regard to leadership roles that make them vulnerable at individual and societal levels. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022, only 33% of women across the globe are in leadership positions. This picture is grimmer in the South Asian region and the current pace will require around two centuries to fill the gender gap.

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To highlight significance of women’s leadership role in socio-economic development
  2. To discuss key challenges and way-forward for women’s role in decision making
  3. To come up with policy directions and recommendations for policymakers towards promoting women empowerment in Pakistan
  4. To promote awareness about opportunities for Pakistani emerging women leaders.

Themes of the Conference

  1. Breaking the glass ceiling: Policies, strategies and mechanisms to promote women leadership
  2. Academia and industry linkages: Role of women
  3. Women leadership and sustainable development
  4. Women, gender equality and climate change
  5. Multitasking challenges: balancing personal and professional life
  6. Women and community engagement
  7. Empowering female business leaders
  8. Female leaders in public sector management
  9. Challenges, opportunities and support for women entrepreneurs
  10. Innovative ways to develop women entrepreneurship

Call for Abstract Submission: 10th February, 2023 Acceptance: 25th February, 2023 Registration deadline: 1st March, 2023 Email: multidiscip.conf@fjwu.edu.pk

Registration Fee  FJWU Faculty –Rs. 1000 FJWU students –Rs. 500 Others -   Rs. 1500

Contact at: Conference Secretary: MS. Humera Sadia Conference Convener: Dr. Zainab Jehan 051-9292900 Ext- 1018/2074 https://fjwu.edu.pk

Link for registration: https://forms.gle/PKu3GzFpeTv3vHLm6