Mission & Objectives

Quality is, to use Raymond Williams's term, a 'key word' in the public domain. It is related to performance standards and output. The question arises why quality is important.

Is it to enhance student learning? Is it for increased output? Is it related to faculty development? or is it related to all? The pivotal nature of quality management in relation to lifelong learning is internationally recognized now. Quality management involves questions about why & how well the purposes of an educational organization are being achieved. In an educational setting this might involve looking closely at how to improve learning or management policies and administrative processes.
The processes of quality management may include review, assessment, evaluation and feedback. QEC at FJWU is a quality regulatory body that has an over all university level responsibility for provision of integrated quality assurance, enhancement and maintenance service for higher education. It defines clear and explicit standards as points of reference to the reviews to be carried out. It has been set up in compliance with the directives of HEC and moves within the framework laid down by QAA, HEC as well as keeps in view the development and progress made by quality assurance agencies internationally. It interacts on behalf of FJWU with HEC as well as other institutions on all quality related matters.
A vision of a better tomorrow is at the nucleus of the quality assurance activity for which QEC is striving at the micro and macro level to produce students who are more alive to the challenges of this world and who are capable of taking up the strenuous task of building their institution, society and Pakistan.