Construction of two academic blocks and one girls hostel at campus-ii, chakri road, rawalpindi

Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi (FJWU) intends to Pre-qualify Building Construction Contractors/Contracting Firms for the following projects at present and Future Projects at FJWU, Campus-II at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

  1. Construction of Academic Block-1     -    60,000 Sft
  2. Construction of Academic Block-2     -    60,000 Sft
  3. Construction of Girls Hostel                -   59,800 Sft
  4. External Development Works             -   Rs. 193.00 million (approximately)


The firms having capacity and experience of similar works are required to submit following information/ details alongwith documentary proofs with their applications.  

  1. Name of Firm, Memorandum and Article of Association of Firm with Power of Attorney in favour of persons authorized, Detail of Organization addresse(s) of its office(s) alongwith phone numbers, fax number and email address etc.
  2. Year of establishment supported by certificate from the Registrar of firms.
  3. Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in category C-4 or above for the year 2017.
  4. Organizational structure of the firm whether the firm is a Partnership, Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company.
  5. The particulars of technical officials/Engineers together with their qualification to be made available for the job should also be given along with their registration number of Pakistan Engineering Council and proof of stay with the firm.
  6. Detail of similar work undertaken during the last five years giving their location, cost, scope of work, name of client, time allowed/taken duly supported with a certificate from Client Department.
  7. Detail of relevant works/projects completed during the last five years in Government/Semi Government Body or any reputed private organizations with cost supported by documentary evidence (copies of completion certificates/work orders issued by the clients to be attached, including dates of start and completion).
  8. A list of works/projects presently in-hand along with the cost. (Copies of work orders and references of Clients should be attached, including date of start, date of completion and percentage of completion).
  9. List of equipment and machinery especially suitable to the type and volume of this project with its No./Make/Model/condition and location along with the proof of ownership of machinery.
  10. Authentic Proof of financial stability (letter from the Banker should be attached) alongwith Bank statement for the last three years.
  11. Copy of Income Tax Registration Certificate and registration with PRA.
  12. Balance Sheets for last three years, duly signed by Chartered Accountant, indicating Firm’s Working Capital, Net worth and Turn over, etc.
  13. List of any Litigation/Court cases between the firm and clients.
  14. Affidavit that the firm has not been Black Listed” by any Government / Semi Government Body.
  15. Any other information, which may be considered by the Contractor’s / Contracting Firms to entitle them for Pre-qualification may also be given. 
  16. The FJWU reserve the right to reject all bids/proposals or bids/proposals prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal as per PPRA Punjab rule 35.
  17. Interested firms / contractors can obtain / purchase set of prequalification documents on payment of Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) in the form of Pay Order/ Bank Draft in the name of Vice Chancellor, Fatima Jinnah Women University from the office of the undersigned on working days (Mon – Fri) during office hours (08:00 am – 04:00 pm).
  18. The advertisement and prequalification documents are also available at and websites.

The interested contractors / firms are required to submit complete application with supporting information / documents duly page marked and indexed (in duplicate), to the office of Director P&D, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi by Tuesday, July 25, 2017 during office hours.

Director Planning & Development
Fatima Jinnah Women University, The Mall, Rawalpindi
Tel: 051-9292900 Ext. 220 & 198

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