Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is significant in our daily lives. Mathematical skills are constantly used in the interpretation and analysis of data and in all forms of problem solving.

It is utilized in every conceivable study of the physical world, from black holes to particle physics. No security system can be developed without mathematics. Mathematics graduate have the skill to go forward into practically any type of career like education, IT, Finance, Investment Analysis, Research and development etc. Employers value their logical thinking and power to analyze.
The Mathematical Sciences Department at Fatima Jinnah Women University was established in 2007, “The Year of Mathematics”. The primary aim of the department is to produce the mathematical Thinkers, Scholars, Researchers and Teachers of tomorrow. At present the department offers a four years Bachelors of Mathematics degree. In future, there are plans to offer B.Stats as well as PhD degrees in Mathematics and Statistics. To provide the inspirational academic stimulus in the field of Mathematics for the young Pakistani women empowering them to become the intellectual leaders of Pakistan.

  • To produce well-educated and trained researchers and scholars who can develop mathematics to meet the mathematical needs of the coming century.
  • To educated and train young women to become leaders in Mathematics, education and research (Professors of the future).
  • To produce strong Mathematics teachers for natural and social Sciences students of all levels.