Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies (GS) at FJWU offers interdisciplinary degrees in content and approach. The discipline explores issues related to women and across all other denominations of gender.

Degree Programs

The Department is presently offering two  16 years schooling degree programs, Masters' and Bachelors' with scheme of studies      cutting across almost all disciplines under the broad umbrella of humanities.

  • Graduate Program                                                .   Undergraduate Program
    Award: Masters Gender Studies                                Award: Bachelors Gender
    Attendance: Full Time                                               Attendance: Full Time
    Duration: 2 Years                                                       Duration: 4 Years


Objective of both degree programs include creating knowledge and developing new approaches to gender-related issues; focusing on women roles and accomplishments; highlighting constraints and challenges faced by women in today's world with special reference to Pakistan; and emphasizing the significance of gender in shaping the experience of communities and individuals.

Major Areas for Research in GS

  • Gender Mainstreaming and Development
  • Gender and Societal Institutions
  • Feminist Theories and Global Practices
  • Women and Cultural Production


Multidisciplinary Curricula

The Department is committed to multicultural curricula that sustains and integrates diverse perspectives on gender. Classes of GS encourage participatory education which, along with cognitive learning, helps develop human skills including collaboration, critical thinking, and personal insight. Most importantly, the courses offered aim at deeply sensitizing students to the socio-political, ethical and moral issues currently affecting Pakistani women in comparison   with the fast dynamics of diverse and multicultural world of 21st century. A degree with GS equips graduates with required skills to explore gender based challenges faced by the contemporary human society in its various spatial settings.

Strengths of Department of Gender Studies

The major strength of the Department of GS is to be found in the research pursuits of both students and faculty. Masters' and Bachelors' students may opt to do the research thesis for six of the twelve elective credit hours. The students carry out research in warranted as well as innovative areas pertaining to the gender related issues of both traditional enclaves and wider society of Pakistan. Highly enthusiastic young faculty members provide research supervisory services compatible with quality standards of reputable international schools of higher learning.

International Linkages

What really enriches the studentship experience in GS at FJWU is the Department's collaborative links with renowned international and national organizations working for redressing the imbalances in gender relations, specifically those affecting the most vulnerable groups including minorities, rural women and working children. These links amply extend the opportunity to make guest lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences a hallmark of the co-curricular activities regularly organized by the Department of GS. Moreover, students are offered the opportunities to take up courses and certificate programs under collaborative arrangements, providing them a much wider, diverse and cosmopolitan exposure. Recently, the GS students have successfully completed eight courses on Global Understanding project of the University of East Carolina, USA.

Finally a degree in GS extends dependable opportunities to the graduates for personal growth and professional development by enlisting them among the most eligible candidates for promising jobs in the social sector fields including human resource development, community development, public relations, teaching, media, Non-Governmental Organizations and international donor agencies.