The Program of Education at FJWU is designed to provide its graduates with a broad and critical awareness of educational theory, practice and policy, together with opportunities to focus on educational aspects of their own interests and areas of specialization. It thereby gives students a basic grounding in the specialization area of their choice.

The Program sensitizes the students to the realities and constraints of a developing country, using a field based approach. It focuses on aspects of national/international education including curriculum practices. It gives them opportunities to become both reflective practitioners and critical thinkers through an analysis of significant and critical issues of Education in Pakistan. The courses are based on quality improvement in classroom, teacher development; improved school management, assessment, appropriate pedagogy and technology; raise awareness in the students about the differentiation; learning disabilities; counseling and the significant role of school psychology. In addition the program gives the students an exposure to increased emphasis on educational inquiry and research through coursework and thesis.

The community work enables them to work in the communities for enhancing their comparative understanding and appreciation of the community issues.

The summer semesters give students an opportunity for enrichment, enhancement of their professional knowledge and skills. Intensive and short courses are offered in peace education, interpretation and use of standardized tests, book illustration and computer graphics in education.

The students are required to make presentations, have enriched discussions, do individual and group projects, be familiarized with information technology, carry academic research and practical field experience in different educational settings in the private and public sector.

Overall, the Program prepares the graduates as change agents, instructional leaders, educational managers engaged in school improvement activities in the school system, face the challenges of the 21st century and be compatible with the rest of the world. It encourages links and collaborations with other educational institutions in Pakistan and beyond.