Defence and Diplomatic Studies

FJWU offers a long established and highly successful master in Defence and Diplomatic Studies, which attracts the applicants of high quality from Pakistan and across the world.

Department of Defense and Diplomatic Studies (DDS) at Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) is providing high quality education to groom the female youth of the nation. The graduates from FJWU with a degree in DDS are expected to fill the vacuum of motivated women policy makers and diplomats for positive projection of an enlightened 21st century Pakistan. Presently, the Department offers   highly successful and rich Masters’ and Bachelors’ degree programs, attracting a large number of applicants desirous to make it to the merit.

The Scheme of Studies for each of the degree programs offers vast opportunities to the students to acquire rich stock of information and develop the habit of critical thinking for advanced analysis of international politics. The graduates are equipped with both rich cognitive skills and affective learning, making them most eligible candidates for a wide range of career opportunities in reputable national and international organizations.

The degree programs offered by the Department extend an opportunity to the students to carry out research work on a thesis for M.Phil./Masters’/Bachelor’s degree program under the   supervision of experienced and competent faculty members. Research is also an essential component of each of the courses offered in the Department as students are required to submit home take assignments on the latest and most important issues in international politics.

The courses included in the Schemes of Studies of M.Phil., Masters and Bachelors’ offer a unique blend of defense and diplomacy, the two pillars of international politics. Indeed, FJWU is the only institute of higher learning in Pakistan offering degrees under this nomenclature which underscores the entirety of strategic design of the nation state for survival in contemporary times.  Students have the opportunity to strengthen their acumen, developed with the wide range of core courses, by opting for elective courses from a variety of titles focusing on the contemporary global dimensions of defense and diplomacy.

Degree programs offered by the Department of DDS focus on those wishing to pursue a career that involves expertise in international representation, security,  politics, diplomacy, and negotiation. The Scheme of Studies aims to facilitate sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of international political system. The degree programs are designed to provide maximum flexibility and choice while retaining essential core elements and extending appropriate research training. The graduates with a degree in DDS have created a niche for themselves amongst their peers from other academic institutions. Quite a few illustrious alumni of the Department are presently representing their alma mater, FJWU, in prestigious national and international governmental/nongovernmental organizations, Foreign Services of Pakistan and Think Tanks like Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI, and the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS).