Commerce is related to the field of economics that involves the activities implied by the trading of products. Studies in commerce include a wide range of subject options, immersive learning experiences and a strong commercial grounding in business such as accounting, banking, business sustainability, human resource management, international business, quantitative finance, entrepreneurship, among many others.

The department of Commerce was established in 2014 in Fatima Jinnah Women University, realizing the needs of industry. The department is committed to excellence in the study and teaching of the key business disciplines and skills at the undergraduate level and provides an integrated approach to research and teaching that focuses on important business and organizational issues, drawing on relevant knowledge from business and non-business disciplines. From financial markets to the latest management practices and the rapidly expanding world of online commerce, Bachelor of Commerce program combines theory and practice, to teach students how businesses operate. Students will gain the analytical, technical and practical skills to apply their knowledge effectively in the business world. To succeed in business, graduates need to be equipped with both a solid grounding in areas such as accounting, economics and business statistics, as well as effective interpersonal skills.

The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) at FJWU aim to deliver multi-disciplinary knowledge and essential skills for the modern business world and designed to enhance students ability to learn, and will provide them with the opportunity to develop networks through real-world experiences. Our Bachelor program focuses on basic principles and techniques in accounting & finance, introduction to marketing & management, economics and law in business context. Students will be shown how to apply basic economic, marketing, legal and financial & accounting concepts to practical situations therefore shedding light on key commercial operations. The aim is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities to meet the world scale challenges of the 21st century.

The combination of core skills and specialist knowledge learned in the Bachelor of Commerce program will ensure that graduates can adapt effectively to the ever-changing business environment and as a result be in high demand with employers. As a commerce graduate, students there will be many opportunities work in varied roles from being an accountant, economist or financial analyst and can easily find positions in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, banks, outsourcing, insuring, audit and consulting firms, in governmental agencies or in the e-commerce industry.