Resource centre murree (RCM)

Resource Centre Murree has been developed by the Government of Punjab. The Punjab Government is investing more in research and development now than ever before and put strong focus on internationalization of key future sectors like education. RCM is a manifestation of Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif's vision of establishing a centre of educational excellence that will prove to be a bench mark for all future projects.

RCM is housed in the scenic landscapes of one of the most famous tourist destinations of Pakistan, the beautiful Murree hills.

RCM is one of the top research locations in Pakistan to provide research facility. It offers modern, state-of-art facilities incorporating Classical and Modern research. It has Digital Library linked to internet, with an ideal learning environment for students, research scholars and teaching faculty. It is helpful in accomplishing the task of utilizing information from all around the world through e- journals, databases, indigenous databases, institutional repositories, live lectures, learning materials and video-conferencing facilities. Besides these, the center offers residential facilities also.

The centre is, thus, an excellent venue for arranging meetings, conferences, training sessions, team building sessions, product launches and annual dinners with customized meeting and banquet spaces for 150-200 delegates.

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