Academic Rules


Students have to complete registration formalities before the commencement of each semester, as per schedule notified by the Registrar's Office.

Any late registrations are subject to availability of seats in that course, and liable to payment of fine.

The plan of studies offered at FJWU reflects a holistic vision as per the recent educational reforms. However, this development essentially involves extended logistics specifically for managing General Education Courses where students are offered to opt for choices.

The option, none-the-less is limited in the sense that there is no possibility of revisiting the choice. Students are facilitated to add /drop courses during a semester as per rules and after completion of due formalities.


A minimum of 75% attendance per course is mandatory to be able to take the final term paper/s.

Grading System

Grades A to F are allocated to a student according to her performance in any course. FJWU's Grading System is based on "Marking by the Curve" as practised in the leading universities at home and abroad.

Repeating Courses

It is obligatory to secure a pass grade in all the courses taken up by a student. Failed courses, if any, are to be necessarily repeated for completion of degree requirement. In order to improve their CGPA, students may repeat their D grade course / courses after due formalities. Students cannot be allowed to repeat any course after the award of degree.

Probation and Drop out

FJWU expects that all its students should be at a high academic pedestal. To remain a student of good standing students are required to maintain a minimum GPA 2.0. Any student who attains a GPA below 2.0 but above 1.5 shall be put on probation. A student with GPA below 1.5 in any semester with CGPA below 2.0 will be dropped from the university rolls. Students on probation for two consecutive semesters and with CGPA below 2.0 shall also be dropped from University rolls. Readmission of dropped students is not allowed.

A probationary student is given a reduced course load. However, any student on probation can apply to the Admission Committee for a review of course load, which shall give a decision on merit. These students may be allowed to repeat course/s in accordance with the University Policy.

Dropping a Course

Students are also facilitated in cases where they wish to drop course/courses during a semester. However, recommendation of the department head and approval of the Admission Committee is obligatory. Moreover, timing of deciding to drop course/courses happens to have some implications for award of respective letter-grade on the final transcript.

Missing Exams

It is advisable not to miss any exam. However, a cushion may be provided for genuine problems, such as: a student's marriage, Hajj and maternity etc.

In such cases applications for reexamination duly verified (by University Medical Officer in case of medical reasons) must reach the Examination Office, through the department head, within or prior to the exam week. The final decision rests with the Result Review Committee, which will consider the validity of each case on its respective merit.

If a student's re-exam case is approved by the Result Review Committee, she will be notified the new schedule with the prior payment of special fee @ Rs. 2,000/- for each missed paper.